"The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding." (Leonardo da Vinci)

German Grammar Tutorial
This grammar tutorial offers most important grammar patterns and lots of examples.
Scrambly-W will help you to enhance your visual and working memory while learning words. Have fun with Scrambly-W!
Scrambly-Word Order
Until you have gotten used to the rules of word order, it's impossible to get confidence in German. Scrambly-S is here to help!
Topical Vocabulary Tests
A near perfect score on these tests will sure make you feel great!
German Idioms
No one can claim they speak a language "like a native" without having mastered at least a thousand of them. Why not start here?
German Proverbs
The wit of one, the wisdom of many, proverbs have not lost their usefullness in modern society. They are a significant rhetorical force.
German Listening Comprehension Exercises
A collection of vocabulary building materials paired with authentic literary texts by famous authors and audio exercises.
Text-to-Voice Converter/Player
People don't learn languages any faster than they did two centuries ago, but this tool will make the process a bit less painful.
Dialog Extractor/Player
If textbooks have become too boring, try this tool to extract dialogs from your favorite German books and convert them to audio.
Verb Tenses
Learn the basics of six tenses in which a German verb can be used to express time. Examples and exercises will make good speaking easier.
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Ja, aber Teste holen uns in die Realität zurück! Take this test to see how good you are at the German present tense or check out these Vocabulary Tests.

Wissen sie was Wahrheit ist? Do you know what truth is?

Mitgefangen, mitgehangen.
Accomplices to a crime will hang as well as the criminals.

"A word is a microcosm of human consciousness." (Lev Vygotsky)

Book cover for novel 'Das deutsche Wunder' by Rudolph Stratz

German Book Review
There are many good German books in many genres. Here's a collection of the latest additions to our bookshelf.

German Poetry

Friedrich Schiller
"Die Ideale" by Friedrich Schiller