Quiz:Typische Deutsche Gerichte

Are there typical German dishes? Yes, but given the enormous regional differences, it is virtually imposssible to give even a hint of the variety of traditional German cuisine (deutsche Küche). Here are a few arbitrarily selected dishes (Gerichte).

A specialty food found in the south of Germany, in Austria and parts of Switzerland, similar to bologna sausage made from finely ground corned beef, pork and bacon and baked in a bread pan until it has a crunchy brown crust. A very common Biergarten dish.
A German meat dish, usually consisting of bacon, onions, mustard and pickles wrapped in thinly sliced beef which is then cooked. The filling is a mixture of smoked and cooked pork belly, chopped onions and chopped pickles (gherkins).
Sweet rolls made of yeast dough, filled with jam, ground poppy seeds or curd and baked in a large pan so that they stick together. The traditional rolls are filled with plum Powidl jam.
Several layers of chocolate sponge cake sandwiched with whipped cream and cherries and decorated with additional whipped cream, maraschino cherries, and chocolate shavings. Traditionally, Kirschwasser is added to the cake.
A traditional Swabian beef stew, named after Gaisburg, a district of Stuttgart. The meat, cooked in a strong beef broth, is cut into cubes and served with cooked potatoes and Spätzle. The broth is poured over the dish before topping with golden-brown onions fried in butter.
A hearty German dish that consists of boiled belly pork and freshly cooked Blutwurst and Leberwurst sausages. The cooking process produces sausage juices which, together with any split sausages, are used as a soup known as Metzelsuppe.