Imperative Mood

German formal commands are made by placing Sie (formal you) after the infinitive.

Sprechen Sie! - Speak!

German imperative requires an exclamation point. By adding bitte (please), we make the command sound less abrupt.

German informal commands use two other words for you: singular du and plural ihr.

For the informal du-imperative of regular verbs, the infinitive form without -en is used:

Geh! - Go!

The informal ihr-imperative forms of regular verbs are identical to present tense ihr-forms including sein and haben:

Geht! - Go!

Sprecht! - Speak!

The informal du-imperative forms of irregular verbs need to be memorized.

Gib! - Give!

Sprich! - Speak!

In the imperative, the object pronoun es comes straight after the verb. However, you can have orders and instructions containing both direct object and indirect object pronouns. In these cases, the direct object pronoun always comes before the indirect object pronoun.

Gib es mir. - Give it to me.

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