Simple Future - Futur I

Unlike other European languages in which future has to be expressed with a fixed future form of the verb, German uses the present tense with time expression when an acitivity, event, or state is certain.

Morgen fahre ich nach Berlin. - Tomorrow I will go to Berlin.

When there is no future time indicators and also in a more formal context, the future tense is used.

But just as English has a more specific way of forming the future tense, so does German. The future tense (Futur I) is formed with conjugated forms of werden and the infintive of the full verb.

ich werde - I will

du wirst - you will

er/sie/es wird - he/she/it will

wir werden - we will

ihr werdet - you will

sie werden - they will

The infinitive must be the last element in the sentence, no matter how long the sentence might get.

In drei Stunden werden wir an der See sein. - In three hours we'll be by the sea.


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