Future Perfect Tense - Futur II

The future perfect tense (Futur II, vollendete Zukunft) indicates what will have happened before a point in the future. An indication of a specific time is required, so it's clear you are talking about the future. It is formed with the auxiliary verb werden, past participle of the full verb and infinitive of haben/sein.

Wir werden Hamburg morgen früh erreicht haben. - We will have reached Hamburg by tomorrow morning.

Ich werde das Buch bis Sonntag gelesen haben. - I will have read the book by Sunday.

Future perfect is also used to express an assumption about an action in the past, especially with the adverbs wohl, doch, sicher, bestimmt, and schon.

Er wird wohl den Bus verpasst haben. - He probably missed the bus.

Sie wird doch nach Berlin geflogen sein. - She probably has gone to Berlin by plane.


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