Dialog Extractor, Text-to-Voice Converter and Player

Online Dialog Extractor and Text-to-Voice Converter/Player in many languages and natural voices.

How to Use Dialog Extractor

Step 1: Type or paste some text into the textbox. If no direct speech is detected, original text will be displayed as is.

Step 2 (optional): Adjust font size.

Step 3: Hit "Extract dialogs" button.

Using Text-to-Voice Converter/Player

Step 1: Click in the list of voices to select.

Step 2: Drag the circle in the Slider to adjust speed.

Step 3: Hit "Play".

Pause the player at any time using "Pause" control. The "Resume" control picks up exactly where you stopped.

Tip: For better performance hit "Pause" before switching voices.

To delete everything in the textbox hit "Clear All" button.

Extractor Settings

Limit: 10000

Player Settings

Click a voice name to select