German Grammar Patterns

To learn a language you must build a mental model of how it is structured, and then be exposed to numerous natural situations so you observe the vocabulary. That is how you learned the native language. By gradually working through plenty of examples you are not only learning a lot of vocabulary quickly, but you are also building a mental picture of how language is structured.

There is no evidence to suggest that people learn languages any faster than they did two centuries ago, but all the evidence is there to show that they travel a lot faster than they did only thirty years ago. The time of language acquisition cannot cope with the velocity of displacement. Here we are offering two technological responses to this phenomenon - Grammar Accelerator and Listening Comprehension Accelerator.

Grammar Accelerator

Below are a few recommendations on how to use the tools of Grammar Accelerator:

First, read the notes for a grammar pattern. With audio version available, listen example sentences looking at the transcript. Next, play the audio again, without looking at the transcript and pausing the audio when necessary. Next, read the examples aloud. Reinforce the grammatical structures you've just learned by unscrambling the sentences with Scrambly.

To read the grammar notes for a grammatical pattern click the book icon. To listen to the example sentences click the speaker icon. To study the grammar patterns click the icon with a pencil.

Word Order, Definite Article

Impersonal Verbs

Present Tense

Regular Weak Verbs

Irregular Strong Verbs

Verbs of Motion in Present Perfect

Modal Verbs

Simple Past Tense

Prepositions Zu, Nach, Vor, In

Types of Objects

Types of Adverbs & Question Words


Numbers, Time, Dates

Irregular Weak Verbs

Separable Verbs

Double Infinitive

Genitive Case

Future Tense

Expressions With Haben

Future Perfect

Position of Adverbs


Past Perfect Tense

Passive Voice

Comparison of Adjectives

Subordinate Clause of Purpose


Konjunktiv II Imperfekt

Konjunktiv 2 Plusquamperfekt

Reported Speech (Konjunktiv 1)

Listening Comprehension