Comparison of Adjectives


Comparative forms of adjectives express the idea that one is greater than, less than, or of equal quality to the other.

Comparative forms are formed by adding -er to the stem of an adjective.

klein - kleinersmall - smaller

Comparison can also be formed with als (than).

Dieses Buch ist kleiner als jenes. - This book is smaller than that one.

Comparisons without comparative forms use (nicht) so ... wie not as ... as

Dieses Buch ist nicht so interessant wie jenes. - This book is not as interesting as that.


The superlative of adjectives is used to express that somethings has the greatest or least quality or value. It is formed by adding -ste to the stem of an adjective.

Du bist doch der wichtigste Mensch auf der Welt, oder? - You're the greatest person in the world, right?

Many one-syllable adjectives take an umlaut in their comparative and superlative forms.

Bist du der älteste Sohn? - Are you the eldest son?

Superlatives can also be expressed with am and -sten added to the adjective.

Some adjectives add an -e before -st in the superlative.

laut - am lautestenthe loudest

Some adjectives drop an -e in the comparative.

dunkel - dunklerdark - darker


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